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Four Reasons Why Pet Owners Will LOVE Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors for Pets

We all love our pets…but from shedding to jumping into mud puddles, they often bring unwanted messes into the house. Perhaps you spend a good chunk of time per day cleaning up after your four-legged friends. We have good news! Did you know that concrete is one of THE most pet friendly options for flooring?


Still need convincing? Here are four reasons why pet owners will love concrete floors:



Concrete floors are very hard to damage. Your pet’s claws will not damage concrete floors like they can on hardwood floors. As long as the wax finish is maintained, the floors will be resistant to scratches.


Stain Resistant

Sealed concrete floors are totally stain resistant making it impossible for your nice floors to be damaged by nasty stains like pet urine or any other dirty substances they might bring in from the outdoors.


Easy to Clean

Concrete floors are extremely easy to clean up if your pet creates an unwanted mess. Just wipe it up with a damp towel, mop, or a broom and it will be like it was never even there.


Won’t Trap Allergens

Pet shed not only fur but also dander. Concrete floors don’t absorb fleas or dander like other surfaces can making it very easy to get rid of it and keep everyone in your home a lot healthier!
Have you discovered the ease of pet ownerships with concrete floors? Awesome! Still have questions? Give us a call, we’d love to chat with you about the benefits of concrete flooring!

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