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How long does a job take?

Typically, all our projects can be completed in less than a week. Of course, weather can have an impact.

What about cracks in the concrete?

We can fill existing cracks. We DO NOT guarantee crack repair and, in many cases, we don’t suggest filling the cracks at all as the texture of the repair will be different than the surrounding surface and may be more noticeable than before.

What maintenance is involved?

For interior floors, cleaning with a mop and a non-ammonia cleaner, as you would any other floor, is suitable. Applying a coat of floor finish (“Wax”) can be done as needed in high traffic areas (for example, maybe once per month for very high traffic commercial locations, and once every 6 months in residential applications). Wax is simply applied with a rayon mop.

For outside surfaces, a periodic washing and re-sealing with clear sealer is all that is required to keep your concrete looking new. The frequency of re-sealing is determined by the use of the surface. It all depends upon traffic, weathering, and the amount of direct sunlight to which the sealer is exposed. A general rule of thumb is to re-seal about every third year.

Why should I choose decorative concrete over brick or pavers?

Flexibility of design; colors, shapes, and designs are virtually unlimited. You won’t need to deal with weeds between stones or bricks. You don’t need to worry about freeze/thaw conditions that would promote settling of bricks or pavers.

What if the concrete is currently covered by flooring or paint?

The flooring would need to be removed, and we have grinders/sanders to remove glue or other mastics. We can also remove old paint to get down to the bare concrete.

How much does it cost to have my concrete transformed?

Cost is determined by square footage, complexity of design, and condition of the concrete prior to our work. For residential projects, our prices can range from $2.50 to $7.00 per square foot.