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Concrete Engraving

Concrete Engraving can turn your ordinary, gray concrete into something extraordinary!   A look that naturally replicates flagstone, brick, slate, and tile can be created with concrete engraving. Concrete engraving can be done to any existing concrete; new or old, indoors or outdoors. No topping or overlayments need to be applied; the concrete is stained using one of the many types of stains available, the pattern is engraved (scored, cut) into the concrete, and clear sealers are applied. Concrete engraving is a great addition to outdoor landscaping, and can help boost your curb appeal or take that pool area from bland to beautiful!   We always provide clear maintenance instructions so your decorative concrete surface can be enjoyed for a very long time!
As you take a look at the photos, keep in mind that all of these designs began as plain, gray concrete.

Concrete Dye Color Charts:

Solid Color Stain Color Charts: